2015 Project List

                                                           2015 Project List

For me this year is going to be a combination of getting old projects off the needles and shawls. I don’t know if I’ll be able to complete 12 items but, I am interested in tagging them as such in order to motivate myself.

S t r e a m . B e d – k i s s (socks) – completed

V i a j a n t e (shawl/wrap) – Palette yarn (Shoal, Gosling, Tumeric) completed

E m a r u e d e (cardigan) – frogged

H o w t h (socks) completed

V o l a n d o (lace shawl)- completed

S e e d y (scarf) – completed

D r a g o n . S c a l e (shawl) – Galileo yarn (Lunar)

O u t . O f . G a s (shawl) – Gloss Fingering yarn (Winter Night) – completed

A s h t o n (shawlette) – Gloss Fingering yarn (Cranberry)

L a z y . D a i s y (shawlette) – Little Creature

G i n k g o (shawl) – Shadow yarn (Opal Heather)

N e t a c a r i (shawl) – Capretta yarn (Tumeric), Stroll Tonal yarn (Stone Washed/Springtime Tonal

N u t k i n (socks) – Jo-Ann Sensations Bamboo & Ewe Pattern yarn (1463 Camel)


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