The Tools

I have a decent amount of tools that I’ve accumulated over the years. At the bud of my knitting endeavors I acquired two pairs of straight needles that came with a purchased kit. Plastic, aluminum, and even bamboo needles have touched my hands. But honestly, I didn’t stick to straights long. I’ve heard mentioned that transitioning from straight needles to circular ones can be difficult; thankfully that wasn’t the case for me.

About this time I also picked up a few double pointed needles which WAS a learning curve. I was determined to dip my toe in the variety of knitting tools available before I settled on one I preferred. After about my fourth pair of DPNs (double pointed needles) I realized I preferred circulars and decided to work on mastering the magic loop method.

I first purchased a few Susan Bates circulars. Both the ones you see above and their Velocity line. I soon realized the cord was not ideal for what I was trying to accomplish. Two pairs of Chiagoo Red Lace needles (the ones with the bend at the cable join) later and I was in search of something more.


At which time I heard about interchangeable needles and decided to get a set of those. Complete sets not being cheap I went for a trial pack to see what I wanted material wise first.
Queue my first online purchase from Knit Picks. Falling in love with the Rainbow wood (a.k.a. Harmony) needles I set out to acquire them all. Somewhere along the lines of doing so, I noticed the quality issues. For me the turning point was the rule Knit Picks has about repeatedly replacing defective needles. So I sought out a better brand.

Hiyahiya here I come…


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