Behind the Needles

hyperhelpful001I’ve blogged on Speckledblue for  some time now and I’ve never really told much about me. Here are a few things you may or may not have known.

Name: online I go by Vonna or DVon(n)

Years of Experience: alot

Favorites: Any color blue, reading, writing, self-expression, being creative

Knit-worthy: I find–in general–all of my nieces and nephews knit-worthy. However, not all the things they want I find worth knitting. Close friends who see the value, time, love, and effort that goes into my items. I have only been paid a handful of times for commissioned items. Pregnant associates that I think will use the items (usually a blanket) for their little one. M.D. (우리 오마); she boldly wears anything I make her.

The Other Spectrum: 우리 우니. Sorry! They don’t always mean to but they either say the wrong thing or ruin the items I make their children. Commissioned pieces. Ones have commissioned me to do other pieces and I find I don’t much enjoy it. I am not the speediest knitter and as such my time and effort is valuable. I do not like restrictive deadlines.

The Tip of the Dream: I would love to one day design, photograph, and write my own patterns. Own sheep, shear, wash, card, dye, spin, and knit from said yarn made. Yup, I’m ambitious.

Personal Bits: You may have noticed I didn’t divulge that much personal bits. Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable doing so. However, if there is something you genuinely wish to know and I haven’t said, ask.


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