Have you talked yourself into something you meant to talk someone else out of?

Hello friends I’ve unintentionally left in the lurch! How are you?

I’ve been very stagnant when it comes to crafting. I’ve been struggling due to the weather and other real life issues that has made me not have any desire to knit or spin or anything else slightly crafty. But, I had a deadline and that deadline was before the beginning of July. Thankfully I was able to overcome my fears of blocking the night before my goal and having the item still be wet and unwearable.

A family member stopped by a few weeks ago and because of recent weight lose was describing how they’re always cold now and was asking if I could make them a poncho or something else warm. Now, I try to be honest with myself, and that means I try not to put myself into situations or agreements I really have no desire to carry out. Or one I know long-term I can’t live up to. But, I blame illness and yarn fume intoxication. Before I knew it I’d pulled out several hanks and skeins of yarn, showed completed projects I’ve kept to give examples of color, warmth, and soft:squishy ratio.

I was mostly done with pattern look ups and queued notes on ideas before I realized, “Wait a minute!”

“I meant to say NO, not give stipulations on what I wasn’t willing to work with (acrylic, cotton, and linen).”

“How’d this happen?”

Well thus far the topic hasn’t come up again so I might have been excused from something I meant to recuse myself of.



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