Spindles Part 4: Support*

These are my favorite! Why?

Well as may be evident with my projects, I love knitting with thin yarn. From cobweb to fingering these are the yarns I use constantly. I don’t even like yarns thicker than this. One of the reasons is because thicker yarns hurt my hands. But honestly I just prefer knitting with, looking at, and wearing thinner weight yarns. As a result, I often  always end up spinning really thin yarns.


A support spindle is different from other spindles in that it requires resting on or inside of something in order to spin.


Notice the bowl next to the spindle? It sits inside there and spins like the wind as you turn your fiber into yarn. There is a learning curve to this spindle and not dropping it as you learn to control the spin and draft without needing to first stop (park) the spindle to do so. But once you achieve this the world is your oyster (as long as that world is fiber and you really enjoy making yarn this way).

I use all four of my support spindles. (Penny, Flaming Elder, Canary, and Honey Bee (which replaced Color Coded (pictured above))) for about 95% of my yarn making. I’ll often ply using Tipsy Elle (bottom whorl) and Reliable Beauty (top-whorl).

The yarn that results from using my support spindles is always light, airy, soft, and strong. I marvel at how it’s able to achieve all of this at once. I’ve made thinner and thinner yarn the more I use it.

Traditional 3-ply cobweb/lace weight yarn spun on support spindles.

They will always be my go to spindles because I love knitting these types of yarns the most.

*This is my personal opinion and experiences I’ve encountered while learning how to spin and trying different tools to achieve my goals.


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