Spindles Part 4: Support*

These are my favorite! Why? Well as may be evident with my projects, I love knitting with thin yarn. From cobweb to fingering these are the yarns I use constantly. I don't even like yarns thicker than this. One of the reasons is because thicker yarns hurt my hands. But honestly I just prefer knitting … Continue reading Spindles Part 4: Support*


Spindles Part 3: Bottom whorl*

When I wrote the first and second part of this series I didn't own a bottom whorl spindle so I couldn't really comment on it's benefits and design. I've since acquired one from the same seller I purchased my top whorl from (Fiber Artists Supply Co.) Soon after purchasing it I noticed the difference in … Continue reading Spindles Part 3: Bottom whorl*

There’s been

actual progress. I don't have a lot in the way of updated photos. But there has been small forward movement on the knitting front. I was so curious about how the spinning I did for a cardigan in mind would behave once knitted up so I quickly balled it up and did a simple swatch. … Continue reading There’s been