Silence is a bit bronze instead

We often hear the phrase “silence is golden” and while I’d like to write a blog post saying that, in this case it’s not really apt. I’ve been having a strong disagreement with some adjusted medication and as a result I’ve been sleeping or yawning my life away. I think I’ve seen daylight but, I’m so exhausted I haven’t been productive enough for it to count. Todays doctor’s appointment should help adjust and reset a few things.

That being said here’s where I’ve managed to get in the last month of semi-failed-productivity.

There’s been some spinning:

Splash of Color has been pushed aside for another spinning project because sometimes you need to pick up something new to motivate you to complete it all. (Think bronze not gold here.)

That said, new is really a project I started back in May 2016 but I wasn’t really concerned with actually working it because I didn’t have a definitive plan for it. I’ve since decided I want to try my hand at a single and I’ve been immensly enjoying the freedom that comes with not having to ply after this.

But, I felt it needed a colorful neighbor or two so I started something my hands were itching to try.

Somehow I’ve managed to get a small amount of knitting done. I am ashamed to say this is as far as the month long projects have grown.

My late night craving for lace has turned into a month long gorge which while not a bad thing is way longer on the needles than I hoped it’d be.

The real disappointment however is my cardigan. It took me entirely too long to get to the divison of sleeves part but, now that I’ve reached it I’m a bit happier.


2 thoughts on “Silence is a bit bronze instead

    1. Thanks! I clicked on your name and it sent me to a blog that hasn’t been updated since December 2016 is that the right one?


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