The satisfaction of craving

When you find yourself plagued with a craving that occupies your thoughts beyond reason it could always end a multitude of ways. If you don’t satisfy said craving sooner rather than later, once you do the taste is never satisfying. It’s as if the craving outlasted the actual taste of it.

I’ve had this happen often when I wait just a bit too long to give in and then when I do I think to myself, “This was all the hype? I really couldn’t live without this?”. Or, you satisfy the craving at its peak (the I’ll die if I don’t get it peak) and the gratification that results is equal to an unreachable itch being scratched.


Thankfully my craving of knitted lace has fallen into the second category. I cast on at just the right moment. I have to keep reminding myself to put the item down to complete or further along other projects. Such as a splash of color or Spirited.


Of course this is a purely selfish need to complete my main spinning project because I’m having another of those “I’ll die if I don’t get this” cravings


I knew you’d understand.


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