So here’s where I’ve been

After the debacle that was Viajante 3.0 I just needed time away from my knitting and that’s what I did. After my last post I took a few days and just spun. Now, this was semiproductive:

Recently plied 3-ply lace weight
3 of 5 hanks (the finished ones)

I still have to finish the remainder of the purple and I’ve started a bit of the mixed fauxlags and the yellow. I was on a roll for a bit too until this happened:


That’s the beginnings of Lilac Leaf Shawl and it is filling the lace craving I was struck with hard right before I cast it on. Ideally I want to use the handspun I finish to make another Lucidity. My chart reading an lace knitting has improved so I want to try again but, this was one of those late night, you know you really shouldn’t, I’ll die if I don’t satisfy the itch, cravings.

I figure Lilac Leaf Shawl shawl will tide me over in the meantime.

Then there’s this:

2017-03-27 13.56.172017-03-27 15.58.06

Which after two days of fooling with two swatches knit six different times (yeah, it’s draining just hearing about it.), I finally cast on. I liked the fabric of the US3 – 3.25mm gave me but, the gauge was off. the US2 – 2.75mm needle was too small so, I went back to the US4 – 3.75mm. Although the way I blocked the swatch made the US4 look to big (I strongly believe I skewed it somehow (sigh)), I’d rather too big than too small. Of course I don’t mean Emeraude fiasco big. but, I’m wiser, a bit more experienced, and I know to stop and adjust before it get’s crazy.

What have you been up to?


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