The place in which things fall

One of the things I often admire about really productive people is well…their productivity output—obviously. I’ve noticed with these types they don’t really spend a great deal of time updating SNS statuses, project pages, or blogs. It had genuinely slipped my mind that I hadn’t updated my blog. With Instagram (the only SNS site I’m on other than Ravelry) I had put it on a temporary hiatus a few months back and had recently just reopened it. And so while there are updates I often forget I have it.  The bulk of my energy on such things is spent on Ravelry where I like to keep detailed notes about my endeavours as much as possible.

I initially was going to ask you guys if you had any ideas about what sort of cardigan I could make with the 3,080 yards of lace weight yarn I intended for a project only to realize I should have bought fingering. But I did some searches and settled on a pattern I already have in my library. It’s the adult version of Playful Citrus by Elena Nodel: Spirited. I’m going to have to adjust some numbers but, in general I think this will be less of a number recalculation than if I went with a lace weight on a fingering project. (At least I hope).

The projects I was working on have all been completed.

And I accomplished the goal I set out of cleaning out my knitting drawers to make room for more yarn later. And just as I thought once I relocated the finished items to my nightstand I had two empty drawers.

Although I don’t actually plan on buying more yarn.

At present only the latest Viajante is on the needles since I haven’t actually been working on it. I should get a move on, since I don’t want to be working on it too long.

We’ll talk about knitting and my other plans in that regard another day.


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