So this is just a thing now

The past few February’s over the years I’ve discovered has a distinct pattern when it comes to my productivity level. It’s nearly non-existent. I don’t know why February and I just can’t get along but, during this time of year I become extremely accident prone and stagnate. This year: I’ve burned myself (multiple times), cut myself (at least once), caught the flu (approx. three weeks in),  and messed up just about every piece of fiber and/or yarn that’s slipped through my fingers.

I just had to sit back/lay down and walk away from hoping to complete anything this month. Finally the latest gift-pile item is starting to finally come along.


It will become as long as possible, then I’ll twist one end, and do a three needle bind-off to turn it into an infinity scarf-cowl that can also be pulled over the head and shoulders at the same time. I’d mentioned prior I had trouble with gauge, pattern, and winging the item. One day while watching a Taiwanese drama I saw a store bought (machine made) version similar to this and decided to go with that. It’s turning out great and I finally seem to be over the hump of not wanting to work on it.

After much fighting, frogging, regrouping, re-knitting, re-frogging of the yarn that has finally become Viajante it’s finally moving along well. I changed all the needle choices, the number of stitches before joining in the round, the increases used, and the decrease placement.

I’m finally happy.

While I was trying to overcome the funk I’ve found myself in; I cast on some remnant (scrap) socks in attempts to mindlessly knit peacefully since everything else was turning out wrong. Turns out, I like knitting on smaller needles (US0, US1, US1.5, etc.) I decided to do my best to use up all these odds and ends. I’m going to do a gusset heel (I’m winging it), I’m going to knit up the leg as high as possible, and a do a garter ribbing before binding off.


Almost time to start the heel.

Have any of you noticed a certain time of year sets you back in your crafting endeavours?


5 thoughts on “So this is just a thing now

  1. I find it harder to craft when I’m less busy at work as I almost need the pressure of knowing I’ve not got much time to motivate me. I seem to be accident prone at the end of January!

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  2. My husband is convinced that as a species, we need to hibernate. February would be a good month for that. Meanwhile, I hope you don’t have any more accidents, and I LOVE the socks you’ve been working on.

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    1. He just may be onto something. The month is winding to a close, my flu is in the recovery phase, and I’ve had some minor mishaps today (dropping and losing random items (i.e. I lost a bread tie down the kitchen sink after dropping it)), but, I nearly completed the gift-pile item so there’s hope yet.

      Next February I may test out his hibernation theory.

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    2. Meant to add: glad you like the socks! I’ve never tried a heel flap toe up before without a pattern so, we’ll see how well that turns out.

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