Hit the bottom of the hill

I was on a roll this past month. I had looked at my Ravelry page, looked at what I had before me and realized something; I completed five projects last month in January alone!

OK actually I don’t know when I finished the washcloth but, since I didn’t add it to Ravelry until last month I went ahead and threw it into this past months completion. The hat went to it’s intended owner (it was a commissioned piece) The cowl and ear warmer/cowl is mine. And the hat and washcloth went into the bin for the mass gifts I’ll be giving once I’m finished.

So here’s were the trouble started: The beautiful shawl design I was working on was causing me problems and I just couldn’t figure out why. Others were completing the pattern and I couldn’t get past the body! Once I reached a certain point I was realizing my yarn (although very beautiful) wasn’t  playing so nice with the pattern for some reason. Initially I decided I would wing it and then follower the designers lace section once I reached that point.

Which worked out because I wanted to use more yarn than her pattern called for but, I still wasn’t happy and the yarn still wasn’t jellying for me. So I decided I would instead make another Viajante because I had enough yarn and it would finally be in the colors I would like. Having done the item twice before already.


 But that posed problems also. Problems that I didn’t accept until I reached the point of knitting in the round. (I knew it wasn’t right but was ignoring it).

So after about the fourth (?) ripping back of this yarn (man that stuff holds up well) and several needles sizes smaller; I finally had the right tension for what I wanted.


But I really haven’t picked it up since because, I’ve been working on the fourth recipient of the gifted plans. It’s been dragging because the pattern I picked I hated and my winging it had the same tension and/or gauge problem as the Viajante. So, today that hit the frog pond as well.

I think I’ve hit a slump honestly, but, I’m up for a challenge. Let’s see if I can finish this by Friday.



This has seen so much progress. I might actually complete this by the end of this month.


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