With a bit of perspective

So, I was beating myself up just a bit. With all the recent purchases I felt I’d sort of stepped off the deep end of responsibilities hard. Me being me, forever needing data I did a bit of digging and came up with last years  (2015’s) stash photo around the time I stopped buying originally.


I thought about sharing a photo which blocked out what I’d knit or even written on but, that’s not going to happen. I had set the goal of knitting 11,000+  yards within the 2016 year and I ended up knitting 12,000+ yards which is awesome. So after my recent stash purchases this is what I currently have total.


It’s at a different angle and on a rainy day so the lighting sucks but, you can clearly see the yardage is a lot less than two years ago after purchasing all that I have. I’d say then, that I’m still doing well. A lot of this yarn will be gone in a few months, I have gifts to finish, three garments to make, a couple of planned shawls etc. Just about everything in my stash has a pattern idea attached to it.

On another note. I’ve been indulging my startitis and I presently have three different things on the needles.

This is a commissioned piece that I’d like to finish no later than Friday, but it’s been put down for a few days for this beauty


And third up is a shawl that was driving me crazy until I decided to wing the bulk of the item instead of follow the pattern I was using.


This will be awhile. But the other two shouldn’t take too long.


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