All out of excuses

I’d really like to say there’s a reason. I mean, a credible one to what I’m about to say but, there isn’t one. Perhaps, you could help me come up with one? (I’m desperate so make’em good ‘kay?) I bought more yarn. And you know what I’ve come to conclude? No wonder they call it a “yarn diet” because like an actual diet verses a “lifestyle change” when you fall off/on (never could figure that out) the wagon you fall hard.

Like a sweet eater (I am) whose deprived themselves of sweets past a reasonable amount of understandable time (moderation people!) I opened the cupboard to the snack factory and have been gorging on “snacks” since that one eventful bite of my favorite cookie. I know sometimes when you haven’t had sweets it’s a palate cleanse in that when you do have them it taste weird and unsatisfactory.

This is not one of those times. This is one of those times when every inch of the sugary goodness pierces your taste buds and you start eating hand over fist to prolong the deliciousness. (Hey, I never said it was a pretty site),

But, this is…



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