The folly of hindsight 

While everything has been going relatively well. I had another major setback on the spinning front.


This is the second (third if you count the green fiber incident of Deep Blue Seas) that I’ve lost a lot of spun singles because I lost the end and couldn’t find it again. On the other hand, my knitting is going well. I finished two of the planned gifts I’ve intended.

And while I would love to say I did myself proud in just purchasing the fiber and the needles and moving on I can’t lift my head to say that. I ran across a sale at Knit Picks that for some inexplicible reason I just could not pass up and let go. And with the aide of a family friend hoping I could make them a hat they’d be willing to pay for the yarn and me taking time to make the item (it’s rare that I give in to such request but, I blame the imaginary yarn fumes that I couldn’t resist).

Not until after the purchase did I realize I just broke my two year hiatus goal. But once my items shipped I comforted myself with the thoughts that my goal was to clear out my drawers, to get rid of the acrylic yarn, and to purchase more of the fiber types I prefer. I’ve done that in just the year and two months I haven’t purchased.


Out of my six fiber/yarn/knitting drawers, three are techinically empty. I say techincally because two are currently occupied by handknits I’ve made myself and kept. Once I find another place to put them those drawers will be empty. The third emptied drawer is where my latest fiber purchase resides. So even though I’m a bit early I’d say for the most part I’ve accomplished my goal.

Right now I have have a shawl on the needles.


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