Two years and five months later…

I eagerly amended my yarn buying hiatus. While all has been going well on the non-yarn-buying front I realized this particular purchase doesn’t quite qualify as such because my purchasing of said items had already surpassed the two-year self-imposed break.

Yes, it had been two years and as of this month five months since I last did a fiber purchase. I hadn’t realized it’d been that long. I know I spent a year window shopping at woolgatherings and other fiber sellers on Etsy planing a purchase but one never happened.

Recently I was in a position to make said purchase and pushed the “Proceed to checkout” faster than anyone involved in the decision of said purchase could blink let alone change their minds. I regret nothing.

At my rate of spinning this stuff should last me the next five years. Unfortunately I’m trying to justify why I must cast on one of the dyed braids NOW. I figure I’m working on a single ply silk-wool blend and so I figured I can make both handdyed braids single ply as well and maybe make one big project with the three of them. We’ll see how that goes. All of the fibers I purchased are ones I’ve never worked with before except the Merino wool. I’m looking forward to trying the BFL, the Shetland, the Icelandic and Finnish wools.

While I was on a roll I decided to purchase something else I’ve been wanting for a while but, first let me explain how that occurred. I’ve mentioned previously that I am working on some gifts for some lovely ladies who aren’t aware I’m making them anything. The freedom in that is that they won’t anticipate the items. Although I hadn’t planned to begin working on them until next year some of the items have been completed (a dishcloth, a shawl/scarf, and I’m presently working on a hat).

During the knitting of one of the items the twins (K5 & K6) wanted me to make them some mittens to play with the brief flash of snow we received that was enough to play in. And so I did. The gloves could have been better but, I was trying to complete them quickly for two reasons. One: I hate acrylic AND thick yarn because it hurts my hands. Two: I had other stuff I’d much rather prefer working on.

That was evident by two almost simultaneous occurrences. One: two needles (Knit Picks Rainbow wood) snapped in the making of these gloves, and two: they came out just small enough for everyone to want me to redo them without me having the slightest plan to do so. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve repeated the words, “These were meant to be quick gloves in a pinch, they were never meant to supplant the gloves their mother is supposed to buy.”

Which resulted in me being asked by M.D. if I needed knew needles. With me explaining the whole Hiya hiya is the best needle ever IMO and that I’ve been gradually planning to replace all the Knit Picks ones with Hiya hiya’s eventually. Well, I was encouraged to add to whats missing in my Hiya Hiya collection. Originally I wanted two of everything I did end up purchasing but, since I do still have the Knit Picks equivalent in the US1 and US1.5 I decided baby steps first.


I also set a new record and completed a new milestone.


I finished my cardigan that fits me perfectly in every way in 2 months and 10 days. It took me twice as long to finish K5’s cardigan when she was only 2-years-old. I am thoroughly pleased and have been wearing it out-and-about every chance I get. Which made me realize I want at least one more of these but, in a different yarn. I have a lot of pills on the sleeves already and it’s driving my nuts.


I’ve been really productive this year and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have exceed my yardage goal for the year and I have yet to finish the year. I’ll talk more about that in another post. All in all despite my fiber purchase, yarn-wise I am well on my way to emptying out my fiber drawers. I did so well already that the new fiber all fit into a recently emptied one!



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