It’s been a rollercoaster

I’ve been working on Make A Wish more regularly than I did when I first started it back in October. I’m pleased to say that everything is right on track. I am on sleeve No.1 and doing well. But, I must admit I had a lot of setbacks.

I struggled with an aspect of the insturctions that it didn’t appear anyone else did and so I had a hard time moving past the flounce. I started this project with 10 balls of Knit Picks Palette and at 231yds each it totaled 2,310yds and I figured I was set because I didn’t pick the largest size. I initially ran into trouble when the recommended needle and the next size up did not allow me to meet gauge. So I settled on a US6 – 4mm and finally knitting was underway.

The trouble for me really began when I couldn’t get the flounce length to come out with a consistent number. I spent one night measure for three hours straight and everytime I came up with a different number. I ripped back once due to an error, thought I reached the necessary point and put my stitches onto waste yarn only to discover I was no where close enough. I put back it back onto the needles, knit more repeats like my life depended on it, then discovered I only had four balls left and the flounce was still not at the number of repeats the pattern said I should be to move on.

More measuring and it appeared I had over shot the required length by 12″ and I about threw the entire item in the trash and set the whole lot on fire. Instead, I put it in a well earned time out and went to bed. The next day one helper, 5-7 minutes and a tape measure later and the helper came up with three different lengths also. I finally decided to stop ripping back (second time) and just move to the next phase from there. Which worked out.

Having gained back 69 grams or one whole ball and a decent amount of another I moved onto the back section. With a remenant amount of yarn left It was time to graft. Grafting done and now time to do the sleeves. The item pre-blocked fits me perfectly. I always find it funny that I like baggy clothes and I try to knit baggy items but, they always end up fitting my perfectly. Which really is the whole point of making your own clothes to begin with.

Finally all is well and I believe it’s possible for me to meet that end of December deadline I self-imposed. I’ll have nice shots once I’m done. I have four balls I haven’t cracked into yet and I’m hoping to have sleeves down to my thumb. Let’s make it work.



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