Even I’d like to know

I’ve been more active in my daily non-electronic media life so that’s caused a dramatic dip in my attentiveness to my blogs. And while I don’t regret this, I do wish I had realized I’d dropped the ball in my crafting and artistic endeavors. Make a Wish is coming along well it’s just a lot of the 2300 yards of yarn I have is being consumed by the flounce (main part of the cardigan). I’ve watched so much yarn disappear into this thing I’m worried I won’t have enough for the sleeves. I had one false positive incident when I thought I was finished and able to move onto the back portion so I broke yarn put the live stitches onto waste yarn and then realized I was nowhere near the required inches.

So, back onto the needles it went and after rejoining the yarn I was able to proceed as I had been prior. Still consuming a ton of yarn…

It’s grown since this picture

Yeah, I’m trying to figure out what I’ve been doing with myself with so much left to do so close to the deadline. On the upside I have been consistently picking up my spinning (although not everyday) and made a decent amount of progress on the dyed purple fiber.

The top photo on the left is with a better camera and out doors and the remaining three is what’s been going on in the last few days. I’ve learned the hard way too many times to count that allowing my spindles to pile up too much results in me losing yarn I worked hard on. As a result, the bottom right picture is me having cleaned my spindles and made a three ply out of what I finished and begun anew on the next batch. Nothing’s been plied because I’m going to finish it all and then ply one continues three ply.*

That’s really all I’ve been up to with my crafting except, I’ve been trying my hand at the bullet journal-ling system. I’m still debating on whether I’ll stick with it or not but, I have noticed that I’ve completed task a lot better than I have in the past by using it. It may just be a keeper.



*This is a traditional three ply and not N-plied (Navajo plied).



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