In due course

There are seven days left until my first year of vacation from stash enhancement is over. You know it’s been a while since you’ve made a purchase when the person you live with ask you, “So when are you going to make a purchase?”

I have seven days and twelve months to go and everything is going exceedingly well. Want to see?

The pictures aren’t that good so I didn’t make them where you can click them but these are my knitting/fiber/yarn drawers (depending on when I ask one of my nieces or nephews to grab something or put something back for me, those are the terms I use).

As my last post mentioned I have a yardage goal for these two years and I am currently on track to exceed it as long as I finish Make a Wish on time.

It’s grown since this picture

I also came up with another plan for half of my 2017 goals. The first few months will be spent completing eight projects for eight beautifully wonderful women. This aides me along in emptying drawers. I spent the other day using my niddy-noddy, WPI tool, and skein winder in order to get an idea of the yardage of the yarns I was trying to use up. In addition, I wrote notes about the various items I wanted to make and searched for patterns that would fit both my yardage and the yarn weight.

The pictures are bad this post, I’ll do better next time.

All this planning does not mean I’ve forgotten about K2’s second vest. It just means I haven’t finalized what I’m going to do. I want to do the colorwork but, my skill level when it comes to colorwork is rather poor at the moment. If however I get better at it in the mean time that’ll empty out that drawer you see in the top picture, middle row, at the bottom of the six.

My spinning and knitting has been slacking a lot lately. Yesterday was the first time in six months that I picked up a spindle. And while I enjoyed it and spun a bit today the only regret about the last six months is the lack of progress. Same with Make a Wish, I haven’t really picked it up although it’s been on the  needles since the beginning of October. The deadline is the end of next month so I better get a move on it.

Anyone else make plans for their 2017 crafting yet?


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