Numbers Ahead*

*Part II of Year of Me
Summer of George – Seinfeld reference

Earlier this year when I decided to make this a year focused on making and keeping things for myself I felt—odd. I had this persistent feeling of guilt for actually having the audacity to want something for myself that I made with my own hands. My desire went against this inner belief that being “selfish” (if you will) was somehow wrong.

As the year progressed however, I noticed a few things that helped this feeling to gradually ease, become easier to tell people making request of me no, and to finally bask in having something for myself. Interestingly enough, this didn’t eliminate nor diminish the number of projects I made for others but, increased it by one. So a few stats:


This is 2015 gifted items as you can see last year I made eight of them.

In comparison this years gifted items


increased by size (K2’s vest) and complexity (the colorwork tablet cover & K2’s vest). O, and by one additional item.

Now, when it comes to selfish knitting. Last year without having this self-imposed determination I made


eight projects for myself. I know only seven are showing but, one pair of socks weren’t tagged so I had to tag them after I took the picture.

But, this year having that goal


I’ve already completed thirteen projects and I’m working on number fourteen. Why does this matter? I have a bad habit of once I complete a project originally intended for me, someone will say they want it and I’ll give it to them feeling I’m being selfish if I don’t. As to where this year I learned not to do that, especially with items I made with myself in mind and really wanted to keep. Now I did give up yarns and projects I originally intended for myself but decided I’d LOVE to gift. (Instead of being pressured to gift I did so of my own accord.)

I also had written a post that discussed my yearly yardage goals and plans during the first and subsequent year of my self-imposed yarn/fiber buying hiatus. Here’s how I’m doing on that front. So I originally calculated my stash yardage at approx. 18,987.7yds (as of February 2016). I was aiming to knit about 11,749yds yearly to deplete my approximate total. This number was derived from last years data on my account. See linked post for more details.^

I didn’t think I’d make this goal but, not only did I exceed my number of projects hoped for in comparison to last years numbers. (From 16 to 24.) As long as I complete Hope For (Make a Wish) by the end of December my yardage totals will be approx. 11,244yds ( data) / approx. 11,996yds ( data) of course factoring in things for numbers being adjusted once I actually complete the project.

If all goes well I might have time to actually complete some secret knitting I’ve had in the works before the years over too.

P.S. this yarn is so hard to get an accurate picture of the color.

P.P.S. But it’s still beautiful.


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