Clear indication

Well it’s that tine again. A time where knitting during the warmer months is starting to pay off. There are various ways we as individuals notice the change. Whether it be fallen leaves or their changing colors, the number of hand knits one needs to put on at any given time etc. For me, just how long in relation to the items size it takes to dry while blocking makes the weather change evident.

During hotter months I can lay an item (shawl usually) that’s nearly as big as my queen size bed down mid-morning and it be completely dry by the time I’m ready to lay in bed that evening. Now however, I’ve been blocking wrist sleeves/cuffs since yesterday afternoon and they are still sopping wet. (They are the size of my palm.)

Good thing I had a few other projects to keep me occupied during the interm. M.D.s tab cover is finally done. It is my first colorwork project. So wonky tension and visiblity of the secondary color at times in spots it out not be is evident. 

I am very pleased with this because I ripped this case out no less than four times trying to pick up the basics of how to twist the strands without ending up with a pile of tangled yarn. I of course had to get tensioning right because the first time I successfully completed the cover I couldn’t fit the tablet into it. 

I am also pleased because I came up with the tulip design myself. It’s based off my stitch and row gauge and a quick sketch of a knit shaped graph on regular lined paper. (All this means is I’m getting better at my planning and designing attempts.)

After finally resolving my phone and computer issues, I wanted to treat myself to a quick knit. Therein I knit my version of a earbud pouch for my latest earbuds. I was planning to use an already existing pattern but, didn’t care for the way it was written/worded (it sounded unnecessarily complicated.) So instead, I just made the item similar to how I would socks.

I cast on 20sts using Judy’s Magic Cast-On

Alternated increase rounds with plain knit rounds (using rli and lli on the first and last stitches on each needle (I used magic loop method while knitting) this resulted in a 4st increase).

Once I reached approx. 40sts I knit straight for about 5 rounds.

Then I reversed my knitting. I decreased 4sts every alternate round (k2tog & ssk on the first 2st and last 2sts on each needle).

I decreased down to about 20-24sts and then started the ribbing.

For the ribbing I k2tbl and purled 2 around.

After 5 rounds I used Jeny’s Suprisingly Stretch Bind-Off for the finish.

Came out looking identical to the pattern I was going to use and no need to fiddle with a Kitchener stitch and a sewing needle. This way I think you should also be able to modify the pattern per your yarn weight and needle size. I recommend a needle at least one size smaller than your yarn’s recommended gauge.

I used Knit Picks Galileo (a sport weight yarn) and used a US2-2.75mm needle. 

On an additional note of good news. Lucidity is 10.5 rows away from completed. Ideally I’d like to have this finished tomorrow so I can block it and allow plenty of time for it to dry before the weekend wherein I’d like to potentially wear it but, we’ll see how that turns out.


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