Confirmation of plans

I am surprisingly pleased to admit that I’ve actually been working on Lucidity here lately. I guess that brief love affair with my Celestial Blossom hat was just the thing I needed to re-ignite my knitting drive.


I realized after snapping photos of me modeling the hat, it appears as if I have a tattoo. ( I don’t it’s a birth mark and the subject of many past conversations). And although I’ve been back and forth waffling about this grandiose idea of beads, beads, and more beads. So much so it’s resulted in me actively avoiding Lucidity for more than a 2 month stretch in accumulative days.


I can say seeing the affect in a nearly completed state has me rethinking my rethink ( I know it’s confusing me too.)


All in all the insanity is just what Lucidity has shaped up to be but, when somewhere around row 20 of the border I realized I don’t quite have 1,000 stitches (Yeah I know, shocked me too. Upside: by now it should be over 1,000.) I kicked into gear (or out of the way—depends on how you see it) a threshold cap I didn’t realized I’d unconsciously placed upon myself.

I had been avoiding Lucidity because I felt like it was more than a thousand stitches and growing and I mentally chickened out of the seemingly overwhelming task of the planned endeavour. But, when I realized I wasn’t at my perceived stitch limitations I have been more active in recent days in trying to get it done.

Now knowing better I’m on row 23 (?) and things are looking a lot better. For instance, my numbers in each of the four sections are finally starting to add up which for a minute there they did not. (Remember I mentioned this was an experimental shawl after so many number errors because, no one in their right mind goes back all those stitches of k2tog, ssk, & yo’s not to mention with the additional placements of beads. Nope, not gonna’ happen.) I am perfectly content living with my number-discrepancy shawl.




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