Does it count

if the bulk of the items haven’t been cast on yet? I’m still barely active in my fiber pursuits. More time is spent having the desire to knit, cast on, bind off & spin than any actual activity amounts to. In all seriousness if I wasn’t outwardly suffering from an unexpected summer cold I’d fear I had a terminal illness for the lack of progress.

I have the tendency to write list sometimes therein I write down things that need to be completed by the weeks end. Last weeks list was semi-failure. While I was able to check off major goals (putting clothes away) I didn’t get to check off major milestones (knit to row 20 of the border). I had decided quite a ways ago that I prefer having one (two tops) items on the needles at a time because I complete them sooner that way. Unfortunately, still I am knitting on Lucidity. It’s been nearly four months and it (as is typical of larger items that challenge me) I’ve put it aside for nearly two.


Being that it’s lingering much longer than I’d like, than it should, than is necessary leaves a gaping hunger for something new to cast on. And while I know what I really want to cast on until Lucidity is no longer claiming the needles I want to use I’m stuck trying to fill said hole with other things.

The purple and oatmeal color is for a design I’ve been working on. Everything is done except the numbers needed to keep track to make it a proper pattern. So until I can focus enough to keep count on all the minute details of something I myself designed than I can’t be trusted to not zone out and knit it anyway. The red and black yarn is the beginning of a tablet sleeve that I plan to do my first colorwork (it’s my practice before casting on K2’s second vest) on. Said colorwork is the tulips pictured (right) that I came up with on the fly to match my stitch count and gauge.


Because I realized I actually like hats and the one I was a test knitter for a year ago is one of my favorites I decided to make another but, in a different yarn and color.

Another part of my competed to-do-list was to declutter (sort of) and part of that involved a corner space of my room.


That’s only about 3-4 items checked off last weeks list. I can already tell I’m behind…


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