“Being” Healthy

This month is the most quiet I’ve been in some time. And while I’d love to say that’s a given because I do have moments when I get burnt out on my knitting and need to breakaway from it all; this isn’t one of those times. 

About three months ago I started a new medication that with all the wisdom of hindsight did me more harm than good. While I initially thought it was working wonders (as medicines often claim to do) I was missing big neon signs pointing warnings at me. As a result of a two months obliviousness, I started having symptoms of illness that were similiar to that which resulted in me becoming deathly ill a few years back. (When I say deathly I have the ICU medical records to prove it).

Long story short, bigger health setbacks caused me to clue in to the smaller warning signs I had overlooked. (During this two month period I wasn’t knitting, spinning, nor engaging in other such activities that genereally make up my personality and interest.) And although it’ll take me time to get back to myself, I have made some strides in the right direction.

I haven’t picked my spinning back up, but K4 stopped by and spent a day spinning hers. Making the goal of once her handspun has been plied and completed she is going to knit herself a earbud holder with it. Which is great on so many levels. She’s been spinning since she was eight and although intermittently she is quite good at it. So much so, I told her once she completes her goal I’ll buy her a batt for her next spin.

Lucidity is on row 15 almost 16 and still at a snails pace. As much as I’d like to talk myself into stop adding beads all in order to finish sooner, I can’t seem to talk myself out of my original idea to add them without fear of regretting the decision later.

“It’ll all be worth it”, is what I keep telling myself and while I do believe this, I also keep making mistakes that after so many placements of beads aren’t worth frogging back to. At the very list this border will be interesting.



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