More determined than patient

This continued state of lack of knitting drive surges on. I think in one fail swoop I’ve managed to satisfy my beaded knitting craving and drop all projects that could have been done ages ago.

I’m on row 11 of the 44 that is left of the border on Lucidity. And while it is looking gorgeous I have to admit I’ve made a few stitch errors and honestly I’ve reached the sections where there are 3 beads every 4-6 stitches and I really just want to forge ahead with straight knitting instead of having to frequently pause to add a bead. It’s been languishing in a bag more than touched for over two weeks as a result.

Likewise Vivacity (Levity 2.0) has been put on the back burner I can only guess as to why. I’m assuming my attempts to force myself to work on Lucidity is what made that so. But now having realized just how little is left to do on Vivacity I decided to pick it up and complete it as quickly as I can. I have 20 rays left to complete.

2016-08-05 19.23.09.jpg

I was discussing the endeavour K2’s vest turned out to be and the individual I was conversing with said that since I now have the pattern down (the one I managed to make) I could do another relatively easily. While I initially turned this idea down flat. They said I had to have a lot of patience to do the projects I’ve done thus far. I had to clarify that rather than patient I’m more determined. Patience’s something I think I lack in great amounts but, if I’m determined enough to accomplish something setbacks won’t stop me from ultimately completing my goal.

With that thought in mind. I’ve decided to make one more vest for my nephew. Not a moment to late I might add for he has his current vest hanging in his closet awaiting the arrival of school where he already has clothes picked out to wear it with. No greater knitter pride can be found.


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