Crash and burn

I haven’t updated because I really haven’t had much to share. Knitting has taken sort of a relaxed stance since I completed K2’s vest. I feel as if it was anticlimactic in a way. Here was this item that had been in various stages of planning for so long, even pre-true-planning and then when things got underway everything that could go horribly wrong did. Even at the final stage of it all when I finally was able to get the item to him to try it on a snipped too close to the edge end unraveled and I had to do emergency spare moment fixing without any proper tools. Honestly, I was so relieved by the hand off of said promised items I for a very delusional moment contemplated doing it all again.

And then you know, sanity returned and I almost visibly collapsed from the relief I didn’t make another ill-begotten promise. Recipient reaction was satisfactory: “O it has all my colors!” Which could be a two-fold excitement. One: he meant the ones he intended (which although I’d be glad to believe; this I don’t think is exactly what he meant.) Two: I much rather believe he means it was an apt homage to the original.

The shawls are growing. Lucidity has finally been moved to a 60″ cable and I’m onto the border. But with life getting peskily in the way and the beads being an absurd amount I’m only as far as row 9 of 44. Yeah, it’ll be a while. Vivacity (Levity 2.0) is going well but, I don’t pick it up often due to trying to get Lucidity of the needles to make room for this


Yeah I know, I’m excited too but, Lucidity is currently claiming the needles I want to use for it. It’s taking all of my willpower not to swap them out for instant gratification.

Priorities people!

On a final note, I had intended to participate (officially) in Tour de Fleece but flamed out so bad so hard in the (wait for it…) first three days. Yeah, I’m a bit ashamed too. But, it is, what it was, what it will be.

Notice a difference?

Yeah me neither…


3 thoughts on “Crash and burn

  1. I like your honesty. I am working on a Tick Tock Pinata and I am gripped with fear every time I think about it not turning out to be blog worthy, but I feel like it’s important to share the fails as much as the succeeds so that people stay motivated in their craft too. Nice blog!


    1. Thanks! With my crafting journal for me it’s sort of a written chronicle for me to document my growth and advancement. I appreciate people reading but, I’d write even if no one did.

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