Who doesn’t…

feel good when something you’ve worked hard on and tried your best to do perfectly is received better than expected?

I finished the Leaving Cowl by Maria Magnusson (Olsson) June 21st. In doing so I got it gift bag ready with personalized card for the intended recipient. And there it sat in a dining room chair awaiting her arrival. Last night (June 28th) she dropped by and although I wasn’t in the room the recipeint recieved the gift with such appreciation she knocked on my bedrooom door and waiting for me to come out. When I did, I was enveloped in a big thank you hug. She was more than eager to model the cowl for my project page. Unfortuanetly I informed her the best shot would be during the natural light of the day so another time was scheduled.

I have been spinning again. And once again the realization is dawning onto me that it’s better to spin a little each day than have sporadic bouts of large spinning sessions. I get a bit rusty when it comes to my support spindles when I do that.

And although I have signed up to participate in the Tour de Fleece (on Ravelry) this year, I’ve preplanned to be haphazord in participation so, me spinning the intended fiber now isn’t affecting that plan.

And to add a very beautifully ripe cherry on this top.

I finished this a few moments ago and I could not be happier. This was months of torture, disappointment, stress, replanning, adjustments and finally success.


The collar is suppose to look like that. I didn’t knit it on crooked ;) ☺


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