I’ve learned…

the more you do something the more instinctively it becomes in preventing colossal errors. 

Because I have more yarn than the Lucidity pattern calls for I had preplanned to do more repeats of the body chart to use said yarn. However during the process of knitting I realized something important. Prior to casting on Lucidity I had chosen a needle two sizes smaller than the pattern recommended in order to compensate for my yarn fiber content being a bit different from what was suggested. Thankfully this realization occured before it resulted in me having to unknit/frog lace with beads.

This is in stark contrast to K2’s vest which I’ve had to regroup, replan, and reknit multiple times. (It’s been cast aside this week for Lucidity in attempts to curve my beaded lace craving). 

I’ve learned that knitting your own handspun is crucial to your fiber spinning endeavours. The bulk of Deep Blue Seas is lace (really cobweb) weight yarn. However one of the hanks (dark bluish-green) has come out to more of a fingering weight. It is also more dense and less soft than the other hanks thus far; so was light bluish-green. In further review of my handspun notes I realized these two fibers were spun on my heavier spindles. The Purple Turkish spindle and the Tipsy Elle (my bottom whorl spindle). In contrast, the light blue hank was the softest of the bunch (haven’t spun the green hank yet [that’s intended for the border] ) 

The light blue hank was spun on Penny ( a support spindle that I often struggle to control). So who knew, that would turn out to produce my best work. I with this discovery have learned support spindles are best for me, in order to produce the type of yarns I prefer working with (lace/cobweb). Looking at the pictures of all the completed hanks  clearly showed that while the other hanks had extra twist and energy, the light blue was perfectly balanced.

I’ve also learned that I thoroughly enjoy knitting lace and using beads. And while the floss thread was a learning curve it is quite easy to use and very similiar to those fleegle beaders some are using. And I think I’ve renewed my desire to get past the plan garter stitch section of Vivacity.


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