Who knew…

that I would somehow be so close to finishing but, suddenly hit the blackhole of knitting?


I am 4″ away from finishing the body of this vest and suddenly after the last “official” length check no matter how many rows I’ve knit since nor how often I’ve remeasured, this thing has not budged in number growth. I can’t wait for it to be done. The stress of the past few months will finally be over. And while I won’t say I’ll never make it again; it’ll be a while before I do.

Who knew that all my preparations and planning and efforts to hit a certain yardage amount for the years total would actually be plausible?* I had mentioned several months ago that I had been crunching numbers (a dangerous thing for me) in order to actually deplete stash during this two year buying hiatus in order to go completely mad (spending wise) once it was over. My goal is to empty out the bulk of the 6 storage drawers full of yarn and fiber I have.


This picture is quite a few months ago and several of the things in the picture have been knit or spun up already. And even though it doesn’t seem like a lot at my knitting rate (calculated from last years yardage) This is two years worth of enjoyment (minus the handspun once I actually spin it all). That little pile in the back of the acrylic I wish to get rid of the most, which also makes it the hardest to do so because I don’t like it. My hope is that in two years (seventeen months at this point) I can buy a bulk amount of fiber (enough to last me eight years) and yarn to replenish my empty drawers.

Who knew that dental floss for braces would be a perfect beader substitute.


So last time I showed a picture of my Lucidity and next to it was a string of beads. Those are just a very very small amount of the beads I’m hoping to put onto Lucidty’s border at the end. They are 10/0 seed beads smaller than the typical 6/0-8/0 seed beads. But they are gorgeous. They remind me of the Aurora Borealis. If you notice in the above picture, I used the thread by first putting on a size 6/0 seed bead (clear) and I made a couple of security knots in order to stabilize it on the end of the thread.

Afterwhich, whenever I was a bit idle (watching shows but not using my hands) I would put some of my intended beads onto the thread. If you can tell there is the non fuzzy and a bit stiff point, then there is a fuzzy (almost shoelace like textured but softer) length (about 1.5″) and then the long thread part. With the bead at the other end this secures the beads without you worrying about them coming off when the string is in your bag.

They’ve been jostling around at the bottom of my project bag since I’ve done that and I haven’t lost one bead off of it. As you can see if I can find a fiber related use for anything I keep it. The container some of the beads are in is a mint container. Works great for travel without fear of when you open it the beads will spill.

*According to my calculations of the 14,487yds I need to knit this year, I have just 4,957-5,549yds (KnitMeter.com & Ravelry.com data respectively) left to knit. This calculation includes current WIPs as items complete.


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