It deserved better

After I failed to recover the original of my last post and my pictures were less than stellar I decided a better post (if for no other reason than the pictures) was in order. Last night I was knitting on the Leaving cowl while listening to music and while this usually results in completing a large amount of knitting in a shorter amount of time this was not one of those times.

I unfortunately made a mistake in two of the final leaf patterns that now requires me to rip out 12 rows of knitting. That’ll teach me to knit in the dark.

On to happier notes. Because I messed Leaving up at such a critical point ( I was about 18 rows from finished) I ended up picking Vivacity up. I knew after that collase mistake on such a simple project even the thought of messing with Lucidity was treading dangerous ground.

And although today is still as hot as ever the sun was more overcast than direct which allowed me to get proper shots of all the forementioned projects. These are unaltered straight from the great outdoors photos. I even have the nature residue on one project bag and in another to prove it.

No major developments other than my mistakes but, all in all, all is well.

Almost forgot

Do you see the string of beads? I’ll talk more about them in the next post.


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