Sometimes this is all that is needed

I wrote a post that disappeared so lets try this again…

Recently a friend of mine received some devastating news. So in attempts to show her she’s loved, cared for, and has support I decided to make her a gift. Unfortuantely all of the colors she listed as favorites I couldn’t readily find in stash (pink, hunter green, silver, and navy). My fiber related hiatus does include gift purchases so I did a stash dive. I found some navy Knit Picks Galileo in the colorway Lunar that would fit her favorite perfectly. It wasn’t the socks I’d originally intended but it would work.


K2’s vest and I have decided it’s best to see other projects for a while. We’re not broken up just on a break. On the upside, Lucidity has almost four repeats complete and I’m still in love.


I’m hoping to start a new hank today (so far I’m still on 1 of 5). Because the gift knit is due tomorrow Vivacity (Levity) has been put on the back burner but, I’m hoping to pick it back up once the former is complete.



4 thoughts on “Sometimes this is all that is needed

      1. O, the items pictured are a cowl and shawls though. It should do her well if she wears it in the winter.


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