Most relationships

would not have lasted this long. In each relationship there is a breaking point. A line that both parties involved are aware that they should not cross. Once said point is reached often that signifies the end of the relationship.

2016-05-10 10.33.31

K2’s vest is coming al-is still on the needles; that in itself is not necessarily wrong. When you think of the months of stymied planning. The false positive with the pattern that would not meet gauge (because despite my many shortcomings the issue lied in the pattern being in much need of errata). And then more planning that resulted in a project that had to be frogged once already and even still has a few too many stitches (way more than planned). You begin to see the cracks in this relationship splinter further apart.

Just when I thought we were both finally on the same page, numbers although wrong were adding up to each other, fear of running out of yarn was planned for accordingly, even the previously scrapped colorwork was re-introduced as a possibility; today happened.

2016-06-06 12.28.27

Today upon completion of the back half of the vest yet another reality reared its’ head. The vest was about 21″ long. For all intents and purposes that seems fine but, when you factor in this is meant to be an adult sized vest and the individual I’m knitting for has a 25″ torso and he requested it be at minimum 2″ longer than that well…

Reality can be a crushing thing sometimes. I took the hit on the chin like a champ though. I regrouped instantly and knew exactly what needed to be done. I needed to unpick the cast on ribbing, put the stitches back onto a needle and knit in the opposite direction to make up that 6″ discrepancy. Usually that means that even in my back up of the back up plan I missed something that won’t become glaringly obvious until I’ve done that but, so far two rows into operation: “knit more for the torso” seems to be well underway.

2016-06-07 18.53.06.jpg

But honestly, what knitter would not have broken up with this vest by now? Would you blame me if I did? Will K2?

That being said it also made clear (thank goodness I waited to do this) the fact that the collar (v-neck) is ready to be done. Not further up like I had thought. I have a few options upon that realization but, one reason to pull my hair out at a time.

(P.S. Towards the end, there may or may not have been massive cutting of the bottom ribbing with flagrant disregard to try to salvage the yarn. Let this be a warning to the next vest I make.)


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