It’s not a party until you hit repeat

Can I claim it landed on my needles and knit itself?


The words that came out of my mouth soon after the realization Winter is Coming would be off my needles by the end of the day (Friday) were quite contrary to how I felt. I said I would not be casting anything else on until K2’s vest was finished. I said it would be wrong to do otherwise but, even as those words left my mouth I knew what I really WANTED to do. I wanted a project that at least for a while I could carry around with me to different places when I ran errands. And while socks are a perfect project for this I didn’t want that. Although, I had so many different projects in queue that could fit this only one project entered my mind.


K2’s vest is at present not my favorite thing to work on. It has so many things going for it that I’m against. It’s made with a yarn six times larger than I prefer. It’s acrylic and it’s an expected project. All things not in its favor. I prefer thread to fingering weight yarns. I have long since outgrown acrylic, cotton, and other such fibers that hurt my hands. And when projects are expected by the recipient it puts a pressure upon me I don’t like to feel.


Lucidity is like a sweet you’ve been craving and once you get your hands on it you find it next to impossible to put down until the wrapper is empty. I’m enjoying it immensely but, being that I’m knitting a spiders web (so dubbed as four year old K6 asked me if that was what I was making) I’ve put restrictions on myself for the sake of sanity. I’m not allowed to knit on it at night, while preoccupied, or when others are around. Add watching anything I have to pay attention to to that list. It’s so addictive and fun having just enough of a challenge to engage me and repetitive enough to not overwhelm me. I can’t wait until I add the beads.


But since it’s a certain situation type knit I needed something both mindless and enjoyable to reward my good behaviour with both the vest and the spiders web.

So yes I’ve cast on another Levity (named Vivacity) it’s a synonym of the word levity but better fits why I’m using these colors to make another one. I wish to show the quality of being attractively lively and animated.


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