When and why I modify

A recent blogger asked on a post whether or not her readers modified their handmade patterns during the process of making them. A good point was made about the overall reasoning behind making our clothing in the first place.


Of course we do it to have custom fit, preferably designed, & perfectly coordinated items (color, shape, & lengthwise). I always feel like I don’t modify and always hope that I can be braver and more brazen with each new knit to actually modify but, sometimes I feel- OK I always feel this gets lost in translation.

2016-05-27 19.31.06


But, then I think of how I hate leftover yarn, make knitting “errors” I leave, and even add a bit of flare (albeit it color wise) in my knitting. All of which is modifications of the original.

2016-05-27 19.30.34

I haven’t actually knit enough garments to say I make modifications that are big or notably major. However, I think I’m more open (dare I say even prone) to do so than I previously thought.

2016-05-27 17.10.11-1


Here’s looking forward to more opportunities to modify.


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