I never have time to…

do it right, but I always have time to do it over.

This thought has been circling this week. I have made progress on my current WIPs but, I haven’t completed any of them. And while normally this would stress me out having these items drag on past a months time I haven’t exactly felt that full state of panic set in just yet. The most pressing one to complete would be Zilver which hasn’t really been worked on much in the last 13 days except to complete the last of the textured section as per the pattern.

2016-05-24 18.52.35.jpg

If you recall I mentioned I have a lot of this yarn left and would like to use as much of it as possible so, I’ll probably add another textured section or two.

Next up, is Winter is Coming and I’ve competed the 4″ of ribbing and am about an inch into the stockinette (plain knitting since it’s in the round) portion.

2016-05-24 18.53.54

While the yarn hasn’t gotten better my acceptance of it has, so it’s not as unpleasant to work with; the initial shock has worn off. However, the true star of the last week almost two is K2’s vest. Along the way of reaching the twelve inches needed to begin separating the front from the back—in order to do the decreases—a few things occurred.

I finally (I hope) did my math correctly and realized that I have about 28 stitches more than I intended. I can’t recall how I was able to look for what I needed but following the formula mentioned here. I realized just how wrong my calculations were. Thankfully I had originally intended to make a 40″ chest in order to give him plenty of growing room before the next vest was requested.

2016-05-24 18.54.48

With me so-called knitting for the 36″ chest (because of my miss-calculations) it will end up (after steam blocking) as that 40″ chest. Happy accident no less. But, in realizing this came the horrible thought that I just might not have the amount of yarn I will need to make that plain vest after all. Ever determined not to buy more acrylic yarn planning with my new numbers ensued.

2016-05-20 11.29.32-1

I knew for instance I wanted to do a shawl collar. So after a quick sketch on paper I transferred the image to my phone and using SketchBook I begin fixing and tweaking where I saw the vest ending up.



But, again I had the issue of not enough yarn to do this so back to the drawing board (literally). What I came up with is this:


After I realized I could do the color work I had originally wanted without it overwhelming me AND I should use up plenty of the acrylic I have on hand things got underway. Using the pattern (it’s more template than pattern) that I got from Vest Master Pattern. I realized I had more than enough wiggle room to do as I pleased. For instance, when it’s time to do the decreases for the arm shaping it simply says to decrease without telling you what type of decrease to use. This is all in order to help you better understand your knitting and be the “master” of your own pattern/project. More on that later. For now, I have put the front and back on two separate cables with the proper US9 – 5.5mm needles (one is a Knit Picks Harmony) and the other, the needle I’m actively using (US9 – 5.5mm Hiya hiya). I’ve just completed the initial back decreases and I’m onto the 7 inches of knitting section.

As long as I take it a section at a time and take good notes (in order to duplicate whatever I do to the back onto the front) I think all will be well. What crafting modifications have you guys been up to as of late?




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