at times can be hard to come by. Especially when you are working on projects that the yarn turns out to be less than stellar and shattering your expectations.

k1 sockhead yarn

I mentioned at the time of making this yarn  the difficulties I endured just to get it at this point and it wasn’t an easy journey. Being still relatively “green” at spinning I didn’t understand the difference in how your spinning technique could greatly affect the outcome. As a result this fiber spun up into a rope like consistency which is quite unpleasant to work with. So the Sockhead hat I have agreed to make for K1 is a slog fest that I’m not even totally sure I want to give her once it’s complete.

2016-05-10 10.32.19

The empty space in the above picture and the distance from said handspun is indicative of how I feel about working with it. If I can’t get it to soften up a bit once it’s complete then I just may nix actually giving it to her.

On a brighter note contentment has been found with Zilver.

2016-05-10 10.31.39

I’m on the last of the repeats and have way too much yarn leftover so I may add another before I bind-off. On an experimental note I decided to add speckles to Deep Blue Seas and the completed red of Purple Sunrise. I figured out a better way to do this AFTER I did it but, I’ll fiddle with that once I complete the orange.

2016-05-09 12.20.22

By the way I was looking through the blended fauxlags of the colors and found enough orange to make up the 2 gram difference I lost while trying to transfer the spun singles onto a bobbin.

2016-05-10 11.30.32

In the words of Mr. Burns on Simpsons,



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