can be an overwhelming experience when you although anticipating such an endeavour are dizzy from the speed of which it occurs.

2016-04-30 12.04.16

A little under two weeks ago I showed you guys three different fiber types. Two was still in hank form and the other was already swatched and properly blocked (steamed blocked for the acrylic) for my new adventures. This project is more than seven years past due and the recipient is in eager expectation of its completion. Back in December I had thought I was ready to cast on and bind off asap but, I had a major setback to the reality of it all. Finally when I realized I had a template at my disposal (Teach Yourself Visually Knitting Design) I amended my expectations. And set about making my own design.

(I showed the knitting graph paper pictures a few post back) Day one of knitting K2’s vest was going great I had nearly completed the back of it and was just a few inches away from doing the armhole decreases. Then I had the light-bulb moment of actually measuring the width of the thing. (I don’t even know why I didn’t do is sooner.) It came out to 22″ in width. Which doesn’t sound bad but when you factor in his actual chest measurements is 36″ and I was already making the 40″ size in order to accommodate his growing a 22″ back meant in total the vest would be about 44″ around. That’s huge! So, after re-calculating the logic of making a vest that whatever size I make it will come out 4″ bigger than the stated gauge of choice size I regrouped.

2016-05-10 10.33.31

I then realized that the 36″ chest (his actual size) would be the best one to knit because it would turn out to be that 40″ chest I was aiming for. Perfect! While I was on a roll I decided it would be quicker to knit in the round instead of two flat pieces I’d later have to seam (I’m not a fan of seaming). Perfect again! Then I realized that I had stressed myself on this sweater vest so much that instead of doing my argyle design I’d made; make it all around plain. Why? So that I can get that initial hurdle of meeting his 7+ year request over and then have the proper experience to back that up further with my own design. The relief I felt at this decision was almost palpable.

Thrice perfect!


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