Your stitch markers may be the problem

I did it. I officially cast on more than just one project in so long that I couldn’t tell you without looking through old blog post to find out myself. K1’s sockhead named Winter is Coming (after the yarn colorway) is not at a point worth showing. I cast on fewer stitches than I did for K2 because K1’s head is an inch smaller.

Today I decided to get the preliminaries out the way and cast on Zilver. While knitting the set-up rows and the first few rows of the pattern I noticed something annoying. I kept having to forcefully push my stitches up the needle just to work them and this was every so many stitches. The pattern calls for four stitch markers and they were placed appropriately. Now, I’ve mentioned the positives of using Hiya hiya needles and thus, I try to use them any chance I get (which is for nearly every project). So I knew the problem wasn’t a needle one. After the umpteenth time of doing this I though perhaps I should change the markers I was using.

2016-05-02 18.12.46.jpg

Initially I was using the purple locking stitch markers and that was the cause of the annoyance on my US8 needles. I also was using as a beginning of the row marker the Eeyore stitch marker. I swapped those four out for the cheap (can be found at any chain store) plastic rings. My knitting became more enjoyable and I stopped fighting the stitches in order to work them.

We all have personal preferences when it comes to needles but, not always is the problem with your knitting a needle one. Maybe switch up those fancy stitch markers for some cheap basic ones before buying a new needle out of frustration and your knitting experience just might improve.


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