If you blink

you’ll miss it. My friends and I agree time is moving at an alarmingly fast pace. We all know how time can easily slip away from us and being that it’s something you can’t store up it’s rational to be choosy in what you do with it. After my recently blogged about doctors exam I found trouble over the few days-to week following. My hand wouldn’t close. My brain was sending signals to my hands to cooperate but, my hand no matter how badly I wanted it to could not comply. It made writing difficult and knitting as well as other fine motor skills next to impossible. Murky Waters which for all intents and purposes could have been done weeks ago is still very actively on my needles.

I’ve had some issues with the border just because I failed to pay attention at times but, over all things are going fine. It was a lot easier than I thought it was when it came to doing the border without binding off the main body of the shawl first.


On a happier note than the one about my hands…

Planning for K2’s vest is nearly complete and onto the actual knitting phase is looking more realistic than in times past.


hasn’t progressed much but, it’s still chugging along.


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