Doc determined sanity irrelevant

I’ve been dealing with some health concerns. (Who doesn’t these days?) One such concern caused the need for an MRI and nerve test in my spine and hands. (I’ve mentioned before the completely lacking in definitive diagnosis I received from my last “so-called” renowned hand specialist. A bust that resulted in me stopping any and all forms of treatment afterwhich.) This time around when they actually found something amuck; I went for a battery of test. To keep anxiety levels low I decided to carry along my knitting during any stage in which I could knit.

Once the doctor discovered something more certain — in comparison to the last debacle of a doctor — the first words (because he witnessed me knitting the two times we’ve encountered each other) were: “probably because of all that repetitive hand motion.” And thus commenced with a demonstration of the perceived version of knitting non-knitters have of how we knitters actually knit.

K5 in her socks

Now, I’ve discussed more than once in the past how I knit because this method (discovered accidentally) helps decrease muscle strain and repetitive motions that ARE harmful hence making it more enjoyable and bearable to knit for longer stretches without nasty wrist injury as a side effect. The fact that he could so haphazardly insinuate that KNITTING was the problem let me know he did not value sanity.

K6 in his socks

Onto another note, K1, K2, & K4 came over today and I was able to take pictures with K2 and sure up my numbers for making his vest. He went home with the Sockhead I made out of Bamboo & Ewe very pleased with it. K1 spilled the beans and mentioned that when they horseplay K2 still tries to wear that horrible monstrosity I made him back when he couldn’t have been more than seven. Mind you K2 is fourteen I believe going on fifteen this year. It’s touching, sweet and kicks my driven desire to surpass the last attempt all the more into overdrive.

K4 was gifted the recently completed Lator, Gator cowl. I’d remembered today that I had promised her if she willingly gave up the cardigan she could no longer fit to K5 that I would use our first experimental dyed fiber job to make her something. And K1 put in her request for a sockhead as well and approved Winter is Coming as her yarn of choice which is a win-win situation since it was already a planned item.


My shawl is progressing but, I keep wavering back and forth between using both hanks of Deep Waters to knit the body and then add Pansy as the border. It would make the shawl huge but it would mess up the plans I have for Pansy. I’m going to attempt to apply the border without binding the shawl off and at the moment I can’t picture how to accomplish this. Once I get to that point I’ll put a lifeline in just in case.


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