Once a planner…

always a planner. I was told recently how I have a very analytical mind. (Which I knew but, when an observer recognizes it. It’s like that official stamp of verification needed to state the certainty of the matter.) Being such I often get a bit over precise when it comes to planning certain things. While for some this sucks the fun of the endeavour out of the event itself, for me it’s like a goal list that I feel driven to meet the challenge of crossing off things.

I had a busy day yesterday and I spent a lot of it with math related things. I had been knitting productively but, my yardage was lacking satisfactory results so I decided to do some reconfiguration of my 2016 knitting goals. One of which necessitated calculating how much yardage I have in stash with how much I knit last year to come up with a monthly estimation of how long it would take to deplete said stash.

For whatever unknown reason Ravelry and Knit Meter calculates yardage different enough for my own to show a good 2,000 yards difference last year. (Don’t ask me I just post there.) So once I calculated each numeric possibility between the two sites I split the difference. In short, I need to average about 1,092 yards of yarn a month for the rest of the year to come up with 14,487 yards by the end of the year. My delusion -er goal for this year which I increased by 3,000 – 5,000 based off Knit Meter and Ravelry projections respectively.

I even came up with a way to get my spinning done in just a few days per each color as long as I complete so many grams per day. (Yes I’m aware the crazy set in yesterday. How else could I be delusional enough to believe it possible?) I’m of course not counting spinning yardage because that is counter to the goal of lowering said stash. I also am not counting minor remnants (scraps) of yarn I already used toward said goal. Currently I’m working on Levity shawl by Kelly McClure of this venture.


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