How to: Even Out Stitches

Not too long ago on Ravelry a user posted the question of how could the loose stitches in her knitting be fixed once the problem of the dropped stitch had been recovered. And today I had such a situation occur where I somehow had managed to split the yarn and thus didn’t fully pick up the stitch. I could have easily left it but, isn’t it usually the case that when you do that one stitch ends up breaking and thus it causes a much bigger issue later?

So after having knit to that place in my knitting, I dropped down to the issue and picked the stitches back up all using just my knitting needles. Now because the project in question is garter stitch reading your knitting properly is paramount. (That’s a post for another day.) Typically once you’ve fixed the drop stitch you have loose stitches left to deal with.

2016-04-07 15.20.07-1

Two stitches from the stitch-marker you can clearly see what could be considered a laddering of stitches. They are very loose. Sometimes this can be resolved with your needles but, it works best if you use a crochet hook.

2016-04-07 15.21.15

First I start at the bottom. There I work on the first loose stitch among the bunch. I pull it toward me with the crochet hook. This of course tightens the other surrounding stitches. You need to pull those toward you a little more gently each time you pull one. Go about 2-6 stitches on each side of the loose stitch to even out the tension. Once you’ve done that then tug your knitting firmly, but gently to settle them evenly across. (Until they look uniform to the surrounding stitches.) Repeat up until you reach the current row you’re knitting.

2016-04-07 15.26.06-1

Things should look even and indistinguishable from the rest of your knitting. (Minus fingers ;-)


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