The Year of Me*

*Summer of George – Seinfeld reference

I’ve oddly been on a roll this year thus far. While my knitting yardage is due for a serious boost, my project amounts are a flourish. This past month I’ve completed nine projects out of my twelve in twelve months goal already. Five of which this month alone. And while they weren’t all minor accomplishments


they went by surprisingly quickly.


Using scrap yarn and winging the pattern based off what I’ve learned over the years knitting socks. I made two pairs of toe-up toddler broken ribbed ones for the twins respectively. K5 (the girl) got the eggplant ones


K6 (the boy) got the multi-colored fun fest. And I used way less yarn than I expected I would for both.


While it’s always good to have a model at the ready you can’t guarantee the sun won’t bother their eyes. I like this however because the picture really looks like she’s embarrassed for me taking the picture of her wearing the item. When in reality she asked if it was hers.


Never one to leave a scrap behind I used the remnants to make a earbud holder.


In all its unblocked glory the cowl/headband/earwarmer in its truest color state.

I am mighty pleased that something that started stark white became so many things thanks to my very own hands.


And last but, still on a roll

Hackberry by Ginny Sheller

Another wonderful project that I had a hand in just about every step of its process. I didn’t dye this one.


Already in addition to the cowl almost being claimed; Ashton while not fully completed was almost confiscated. I explained to MD that this year was my year of selfish knitting. I have given away 79 of the 111 projects I have listed on Ravelry and this year is about making and KEEPING things for myself. Because I too want to enjoy the fruits of my labor. So, onward and upward as I live out the Summer of Me*

V o n n a


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