Over due review: Hiyahiya needles

Recently while visiting another knitters blog I came across a post they wrote reviewing their experience thus far with Hiyahiya needles. Which brought to my attention I never did.


I have both the large (US9 – US15) and small (US2 – US8) sizes. The large set was purchased as a gift from MD back in May 2014. The second set was purchased ten months later (March 2015).


Key reasons that made me settle on Hiyahiya:

▪ Stainless steel
Even when it comes to jewelry I look for such material. For me that translates into durability, sustainable, & able to withstand rough and frequent use.


▪ Lightweight
Hiyahiya needles are hollow inside. (At least that’s how they feel to me) yet, it doesn’t feel as if just enough force or pressure will cause them to dent or collapse.


▪ Metal
In searching for metal in a needle meant I was looking for something that would glide the yarn off my needles. In previous needles I’ve used I’ve found the yarn grabbed by them. That for me was not a pleasurable knitting experience. Which ties in with the next point.


▪ Sharp tips
When I hear complaints about Hiyahiya needles  (and they’re few and far between) it’s about the sharpness of the needle causing wounds. This to me is another plus. I don’t like dull needles. I like fast moving, quick sliding action. And whether the needle is blunt or the feel is sticky that slows down knitting. Making anything from a k2tog or a p3 tbl inpossible. Hiyahiya negates that issue.

And finally…


▪ Flexible cables & smooth joins
The biggest irritant I had with other brands was the lack of true flexibility in a cable. That’s so NOT an issue, that I don’t even worry about it when it comes to my Hiyahiya. Similarly when it comes to the joins. Things are so smooth that often when I discover I’ve slowed down or encountered a snag it was due to my own error rather than  that of the needles.


All around Hiyahiya will forever be my go to needles. Unfortunately since I purchased other brands before discovering this the sock sizes US0 – US2 1/2 I’m determined to get has to wait until the current Knit Picks sock sizes I have are no longer functional.

V o n n a


5 thoughts on “Over due review: Hiyahiya needles

  1. Thanks for writing this review, I’m a long time KnitPro/ Knitters Pride user but I’m always interested in trying new needles so I think I’ll give these a look! Quick question, do you find that the cable comes unscrewed from the needle tip at all with the HiyaHiyas? It’s a major annoyance of mine with my needles!

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    1. Never! I don’t know if you could tell by my pictures but the screw portion is on the needle itself and the orifice it goes in is the tip of the cable. Hiyahiya needles come with 2 thumb sized rubber grippers that once then needles are screwed in you use one to twist the cable base and the other to twist the needle base. This action tightens the needles. Only when I don’t use this do I notice them coming loose but not apart.

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      1. Oh, that’s good to know! The KnitPro needles come with a little key to tighten the cable on to the needle but it still comes undone sometimes. Thanks, I’ll look into the HiyaHiya needles next time I need some!

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      2. Yeah my Knitpicks needles came with the key as well. The rubber grippers I think work better. I believe some people use the rubber grips for a substitute for the key but, I would be worried about the needle coming out of the foundation because of the way those (Knitpicks & Knitpro) are designed. Again, that’s why I like Hiyahiya their design makes the needle seperating from its base impossible for it doesn’t have a base (If that makes sense).

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