Has it really been

eight years since I first started Speckledblue? I dare say according to my calculations that it has. That is mind boggling to think I’ve been documenting my yarn crafting progress for that long. I’m glad I have though. I don’t know about others but, in the moment of an endeavour or event we always think we’ll remember the minute details of it all. I never do. So it’s nice to have a consistent record of everything my hands have been busy making over this time. It definitely makes my less than noteworthy moments more special rather than forgettable.

I had hoped to have several different things to share with you guys on this day but, honestly it’s par for the course it’s been over the years. I have been lagging behind in my knitting because I’ve had some health issues (eye related) and I’ve acknowledged about myself an important fact. When I’m not feeling my best (or relatively well) anything that has a chart involved is not a good idea to do. Even if it’s a simple chart. I end up messing something up along the way and it sets me back a great deal.

Because this is what happened to Ashton Shawlette the last time, I was determined not to repeat the issue. I sat it aside. Unfortunately my other project although socks also contained chart-like knitting so I couldn’t touch that either. What I did manage to complete during this time is aptly named A Splash of Red – 282yds of lace weight yarn.


2016-03-12 00.22.54

What’s significant about this yarn is that it is my first attempt a traditional 3-ply. What’s even more interesting it is the exact same thickness as the last yarn I spun which was a 2-ply. Apparently I’m spinning thinner and thinner. Which works out fine because I don’t care for thicker yarns but, I find it funny because it includes one whole other ply and it still isn’t thicker.

Once I got over the worst of my eye issues (I hope) I made quick work of completing Howth Could You socks.

2016-03-19 14.46.21

Pattern is Howth by Yvonne McSwiney that I had the pleasure of test knitting. Just as I felt then I still feel now. When it comes to socks this one fits me the best out of all the socks I’ve ever made. What was different this time around was stitch count. I used a US1.5 – 2.5mm needle both times but, as to wear the initial sock I knit a medium/US8 foot size. This one I knit a women’s small/US5 size. That is a big gauge difference. I was able to figure this out ahead of time because of the sock template I made a ways back from the FLK heel pattern.

Ashton is almost finished and the twins have asked me to make them a pair of socks which I will cast on once Ashton is finished. I am half way through the second to last Chart. After which I’ll be making a Lator, Gator by Amanda Berka. I had a bit of trouble printing this pattern for some reason but, I’ll discuss that later.

I also want to mention some things I’ve been working on in regards to my knitting capabilities but, more on both those topics later.


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