I’ve caught the knitting bug

Sockhead hat has been completed.

2016-02-24 04.04.07

That hat went by so fast. I can definitely see making more of them.

Ashton shawlette is quickly on its way to completion. If I can just stop putting it down for Howth Could You socks.

2016-03-04 14.51.57

They reinforced the fact that my tension has definitely changed. For instance, the original Howth socks that I made


were knit in the US8 women size because of gauge. Meaning it required 68sts for the toe. But these pair which are coming out to the same size as the other ones are being knit in the US5 women size. Meaning it requires 60sts for the toe. That’s a big gauge difference. I think my tension and gauge have finally become where it’ll stay. That’s due in large part to how I hold/tension the yarn. 

Pattern is Howth by Yvonne McSwiney that I test knit a while back. I’m using the scraps of sock yarn I caked together a little while ago.

2015-10-02 21.34.10

I’m currently trying to bite back the urge to cast on about eight different things. I made attempts to stifle this urge by caking the Violet Pink (one of the earlier handspun yarns from when I first tried dyeing fiber.)

That’s in order to make a Lator, Gator by Amanda Berka

I of course also keep eyeing my Wonderland Heather Alpaca Cloud.


It’s to make a Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman.

I also keep thinking about Fairy Tale Palette


in order to knit Make a Wish by JoJo Locatelli

But I also keep checking out my hanks of Deep Waters Stroll Tonal.

2016-03-05 16.23.33.jpg

which would be knitted up into a Levity Shawl by Kelly McClure.

It seems I’ve finally gotten my motivation back and have returned to the land of the living. Onward and Upward.


Which one would you cast on next?


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