Seasons Come and Go

I finished it. Just short of an official three months of knitting Marina ( Viajante 2.0 ) was bound off. In so doing I discovered a few things. All the pre-planned modifications went out the window (they canceled each other out). To have a huge comfy-cozy monstrous snuggly huggable Viajante did to. Apparently my brian when it comes to planning and execution have two different perspectives of thought.


However, very much like my Rust & Stone cardigan, Marina came out fitting my frame perfectly.


It is noticably smaller than Mom’s and I don’t think that is solely due to yarn weight. What makes this OK is the fact that it hangs in every way like I’d hoped it would.


The neck opening is 193sts resulting in 28″ around. Not too slouchy and not too tight. Stripes were a lazy (I couldn’t do it right without effort) Fibonacci sequence. 1 then 2, 3 then 5, 8 and so on. I only used one Lilac skein of the gloss lace, both of the Marina. & a few grams of the Topaz.

The Marina stripes where a rough 10 & 22 respectively. At one point I went higher than 22 because I became tired of changing colors. That’s the largest block of Marina before I started striping again.

I’ve developed a bit of phobia when it comes to my nephews vest. Everything is ready but, I’ve been hesitant.


Now I’m not 100% all these colors will be in the finished vest but, I did see how compatible they are non-the-less.


I all this time of insisting upon one project at a time must have now unconsciously made it default. My talk of casting on three projects has been met with this.


It’s a sockhead using of the last of this Bamboo & Ewe yarn I bought when I first learned sock yarn was a thing. I have at least three pairs of socks in this yarn and I’m trying to get rid of it. I honestly don’t know why I purchased so much, I can just say my perspective wasn’t what it is now.

While I plan to do the projects I said in the last post it looks like it’ll be done one at a time.

V o n n a


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