The night I tested deprivation

I have insomina. Having had it the number of consecutive years that I have it surprises me more when I sleep than stay awake. But one fundamental reality I failed to factor into the equation. When sleep deprived your cognitive function, fine motor skills, & reaction time suffers thus leading to impaired judgement.

Considering that since December (?) I had been heavily beating my head against a wall as a result of the gauge nightmare Kameran’s vest proved to be. I had even decided that once basic numbers could arrange themselves in a cohesive order (while properly rested) I would design my own man-child vest. A glance at the inspiration photos pulled from Google search and the schematic of the one I hoped to use I thought I could do it. But, this morning, sleep deprived, coffee AND pop fueled I set about dissecting gauge thanks to the wonderful Gauge article written by Mary Young Smith from 2001. Found here.


What once seemed like an overwhelmingly impossible mission, promise, hope. Became doable and relatively soon. Marina  (Viajante 2.0) is on the border and nearly complete. Just a few rows and a bind-off remain. It took me roughly three months this time. Marked improvement from the seven months the first one took.


To treat myself to all things knitting – related having an upswing. I’m casting on next, not one


Not two

©Veronik Avery

But three

© Kelly McClure dnadamsel

new projects. Now, let’s see if my numbers add up once I’ve had a bit of shut eye. And whether or not I rethink my delusions of grandeur post Marina bind-off.

V o n n a


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