Moments of blackout

I couldn’t contain my itchy fingers from the need to have a project more challenging than the stockinette stitch and the occasional increase or decrease so I signed up for a test knit earlier this month. Now typically I flash all sorts of pictures of the test knit while in progress but, this time I tried to do better.


I’m thinking of retaking pictures because these don’t do the pattern any sort of justice. But about four days after starting I had a pair of Tatalina socks by Alexandria Wenninger. The cool thing is that this time around the designer gave an honorable mention on the pattern page of her testers.

© Alexandria Wenninger

I’m down there at the bottom (very last name). How cool?!

Marina (Viajante 2.0) is progressing but slowly. The colors never come out right when I photography it. But in my latest attempt I realized a color theme for me this year.


I’ve already attached the second cake of the Marina colorway. You may remember this is being knit out of Gloss Lace. It’s actually using the recommended weight yarn the pattern calls for. While I know this will make it lighter weight I believe it has a high enough wool content 70% to still be warm and the silk content 30% will add that nice subtle sheen.

My purpose in using the lace instead of the fingering is to make sure it’s something I could wear all year round if I wanted. My plan is to only use one cake of the Lilac and so far that’s working out. While almost finished with the Lilac I think I have enough to complete the stripe sequence I have in mind.

Topaz I’m open to using both hanks but, I’m not sure that’ll be necessary.


It takes actual knitting to complete and I have spurts where either I do alot or days where I don’t knit at all. Spinning?


I decided to do a traditional three ply which I’ve never tried before. Yardage for each will be different because it wasn’t dyed in equal color amounts and that’s OK. My goal is to see how overall yardage, and twist comes out trying my hand at a traditional 3-ply for the first time.

V o n n a


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