Ahead of his time

I’ve been doing a massive search to meet the criteria I’ve set in regards to my nephews’ vest and I can’t find what I’ve been looking for. I was even willing to pay for the pattern but, apparently there are no aran-weight argyle vest patterns available. I’ve been thinking of just winging it as best I can based off the schematic of an existing pattern but, that’s more difficult than it sounds.

I have not progressed past the last mention of this intended project. My frustration comes from the fact that as was mentioned prior this project has been a long standing unfulfilled promise.

On another note: because I decided on a yarn buying hiatus I figured it would not be complete without the customary flash of stash that many so often do on Ravelry. This is in a means to see where I currently am, make plans for where I’m trying to get, & in a years time from this post see if I’ve made progress.


In my room I have two of those three drawer storage bins/containers.


In which all my yarn and fiber lies. The bottom two are marked for yarns I don’t like to use so really this is going to be a side focus project that’s not mentioned on my 2016 project list page. I am hoping to completely clear these drawers to make room for future fiber buying endeavors.

What I’ve discovered in taking this picture is that I don’t have as much stash as I thought. Now I do have some scraps in a vase.

But, for frame of reference, my bed is a queen sized bed and my yarn takes up about half of it. I mentally pictured it would take up all except a small section so color me surprised that it did not. Of course this knowledge has shaken my resolve to not buy yarn and/or fiber related goods for a year. However the fact that yarn I don’t like using occupies two drawers makes me determined to figure out a way to get rid of it. (I’m looking at you acrylic!)

My spinning is progressing as well.



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